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Apple Cider-Braised Chicken with Sage

Apple Cider-Braised Chicken with Sage

This is truly a one skillet supper that celebrates two of my favorite fall ingredients: apple cider and sage! Obviously, apples are in season in the fall, but sage has always been an herb I gravitate toward in the colder months, too. These alone would be amazing, but I pile the flavors onto this chicken with two kinds of mustard – whole grain for aesthetic and texture and Dijon for big, punchy flavor – and white miso, which is arguably the secret ingredient in this dish. (If you aren’t familiar with it, miso is a fermented soy bean paste and it is a salty, umami flavor bomb of deliciousness!) Because the sauce is so flavor-packed, I keep the rest of the ingredients super simple so that they don’t compete too much – potatoes, onions, and of course, bone-in, skin-on chicken. The chicken goes on top of the vegetables so that they soak up all of the schmaltzy goodness, and the cider reduces during the braising process so that it becomes a rich, intensely flavorful sauce. This dish checks every box of a dinner that’s as easy for a weeknight as it is for a dinner party: herby, tangy, sweet, salty, tender, crispy…I could go on! The last thing to note is that this recipe is also super flexible to your preferences; almost any root vegetable will be great beneath the chicken, and any bone-in cut of chicken will work, too. I only ask that you keep the apple cider, sage, mustards, and miso; as soon as you taste this magical combination, you’ll understand why!

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  • This came out amazing! I thickened the pan juices to make a gravy and it has the perfect amount of sweetness from the cider.

    • I hope you enjoyed it Caleigh! You’ll have to come back and let me know how your next recipe comes out. 🙂

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