Season 1

S1 : E1  2 min

Eitan meets Estrella Jafif, a local Mexico City chef with roots in Lebanon and Cuba. Estrella takes Eitan to her favorite local market where she shops on Fridays for Shabbat. They pick up fresh ingredients and try local fruits and Oaxacan cheeses before heading back to her studio kitchen.

S1 : E2  2 min

Eitan and Chef Estrella Jafif cook a traditional Shabbat stew which they take right across the street to her mom’s apartment where a dozen family members are gathered for a long, late pre-Shabbat “Sobremesa.” As the sun begins to set, Eitan joins Estrella, her mother, and the women of the family as they light candles and welcome in the Sabbath.

S1 : E3  2 min

Eitan eats a medley of vegetarian Mexican street foods at a tented taco stand run by a non-Jewish proprietor that has been serving the local Jewish community since the 1960s. Over quesadillas, he gets the origin story from owner Elsa about how locals requested meat-free options from Elsa’s mom (the founder) in order to eat there, and it’s since evolved into a neighborhood institution.

S1 : E4  2 min

Eitan explores Justo Sierra, one of Mexico City’s oldest synagogues, with Director Monica Unikel, a historian of Mexican Jewry. Monica provides insights into the food history of the Jewish Mexican community, showing Eitan the Syrian and Lebanese cooking utensils that immigrants would use to prepare the ground beef dish known as kibbe.

S1 : E5  2 min

Before his trip, Eitan meets Mexico City native, Chef Pati Jinich, at her home kitchen in Chevy Chase, Maryland where they make Gefilte Fish a la Veracruzana, a traditional family dish representative of Pati’s family history – one that blends her Eastern European ancestral roots with her native Mexican ones. Pati encourages Eitan to head to CDMX to fully unpack the Jewish-Mexican fusion food story there. After cooking, Pati and Eitan Facetime Pati’s sister, Karen who owns a restaurant in Mexico City called Niddo.

S1 : E6  2 min

Eitan grabs breakfast at Niddo where he meets Pati’s sister Karen. She takes Eitan to the kitchen where he sees a symphony of dishes being prepared. He enjoys his solo breakfast of chilaquiles, shakshuka, and the house toast.

S1 : E7  2 min

Eitan visits Xochimilco, an expansive ecological area with lakes and canals spanning over 6,000 acres. He meets his guide Ricardo to explore one of Xochimilco’s remaining farming areas located on chinampas, ancient Aztec floating farm systems. Eitan learns about Ricardo’s program promoting organic farming and the revival of this ancient agricultural practice. Later they meet Pas, one of his associates at the farm, to cook a traditional steamed fish dish.

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