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Spiced Carrot Quick Bread with Raisin Cream Cheese Spread

Spiced Carrot Quick Bread with Raisin Cream Cheese Spread

Let’s talk about why you need quick breads in your life! They are, as the name suggests, quick and easy to make, and are great to keep on hand at all times, in my opinion. One of the many reasons I love them is because they are PERFECT for when you need a little snack (and I am a person who finds themselves needing a little snack pretty often). When I pop into the kitchen on the hunt for something to eat between lunch and dinner, it’s the ideal treat. You can choose how thick you’d like your slice and how much cream cheese spread you’d like depending on your appetite. This version features carrots, both their earthy, sweet flavor and bright orange color.

The carrots also keep this quick bread super moist for days and days! It’s then packed with warm spices, one of the best things fall has to offer, and the sweet, chewy raisins in the spread cap it off perfectly. My personal favorite way to eat this bread is to griddle a slice in butter before schmearing with the raisin cream cheese; the bread warms through, and the slice exterior gets golden brown and barely crisp. It’s the ideal way to enjoy this treat!

1. What is a Quick Bread?

A quick bread is one that’s, obviously, made quickly! That’s thanks to the use of baking powder and baking soda for leavening – or rising – the bread, rather than yeast. Powdered leavening agents give cakes and baked goods rise in a fraction of the time, so thus this bread comes together pretty quickly in comparison to a yeasted bread.

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2. Full Fat Yogurt

Full fat yogurt is essential for a moist loaf! The carrots help keep everything moist for the days after it bakes, but the acid in the yogurt as well as the milk fat in yogurt are essential for a well-risen, moist, tender quick bread. 

3. Griddle the Leftovers 

One slice of this is delicious as is, but gently griddling each side in butter first takes it to the next level and beyond. You have to give it a try and see which version you like more!