Teaneck Native Eitan Bernath ‘Eats the World’

“I’ve dreamed of writing a cookbook since I was young,” Bernath shared.

Jewish Teen Chef Announces Debut Kosher Cookbook With Comfort Food Recipes

Jewish teen chef, entrepreneur and viral TikTok star Eitan Bernath is now a cookbook author as well.

TikTok Cooking Prodigy Eitan Bernath Announces Debut Cookbook

Eitan Bernath’s debut cookbook, Eitan Eats The World, will hit bookshelves on May 2, 2022.

TikTok Star Eitan Bernath’s New Cookbook Will Take You on a Culinary Journey

Featuring 85 fresh comfort food recipes, the new cookbook — which Eitan notes is an effort to take his audience and readers along a journey to learn about the world through food — will feature the same high-energy creativity and culinary enthusiasm fans see in all of his videos.

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