Eitan Bernath Is on Top of the ‘World’

After making a name for himself as a kitchen wunderkind on ‘Chopped,’ he built a huge following online. Now, at age 20, he’s publishing his first cookbook. And, oh, by the way, all the recipes are kosher.

Eitan Bernath on Becoming a Teenage Food Entrepreneur and Social Media Star

In-depth interview with cookbook author, food personality, and content creator Eitan Bernath about starting an entertainment career as a child, teaming up with Drew Barrymore, and building an inspirational business empire before his 20th birthday.

TikTok’s Eitan Bernath Savors His Success

The social media star and author of “Eitan Eats the World” dishes on why he’s always collected cookbooks and how he clinched his role on “The Drew Barrymore Show.”

Get the Secrets to TikTok Chef Eitan Bernath’s Killer Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

This recipe is a delicious example of a recipe that’s on trend and on point when it comes to technique and ingredients.

Jewish TikTok star Eitan Bernath pushes kosher cooks to innovate

Eitan Eats the World is full of winks to the kosher consumer.

Chef Eitan Bernath Celebrates Debut of ‘Eitan Eats the World’

To celebrate, Bernath has embarked on a book launch tour, ranging from high-profile interviews on morning talk shows to visiting the places where it all began.

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