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Soy and Ginger Braised Brisket

Soy and Ginger Braised Brisket

Brisket is a classic cut of beef in Jewish homes, and so it was a staple in my home growing up. My Mom always made it on Fridays for us to enjoy over the weekend. A whole brisket is a HEARTY hunk of meat! Of course, a traditional braise, with stock, garlic, and tomatoes is absolutely delicious, but I love to update mine with some of my favorite ingredients from my local Asian supermarket: high quality soy sauce and fresh ginger! If you’ve never had soy sauce outside of the brands you find in large super markets, do yourself a favor and try a more authentic one. The difference in flavor is astounding! I add lots of garlic too, along with rice wine vinegar and fresh lime juice for sweetness and acidity. The result is a super flavorful, ridiculously easy brisket, perfect on sandwiches, with noodles, or my personal favorite: rice bowls with bok choy!

1. Three Ways To Braise!

I like to braise in my oven for more even cooking, but this recipe can be easily adapted for a slow cooker or instant pot. As long as you’re cooking low and slow (with the exception of pressure cooking, of course), this brisket will turn out great!

2. Swap Out Ingredients

The ingredients here are super flexible as long as you keep everything in balance. Use white or white wine vinegar, use granulated garlic instead of fresh, use chicken stock if you don’t have beef!

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3. Serving Suggestions

I love this best in a rice bowl to soak up all the jus, but it’s also delicious sliced and served in sandwiches, or over stir fried noodles, or even plain old mashed potatoes. I highly recommend add a carb to soak up all the flavorful cooking liquid!