Irish Colcannon

Step aside, boring old mashed potatoes, because colcannon is here to steal your spotlight! Colcannon is a traditional Irish mashed potato dish, filled with butter and cream, of course, but with cabbage or kale mixed in, too. There are too many regional variations to list, but in this case, I chose fresh kale and lots of scallions as my additions. What I love about colcannon, besides the Irish butter – which is truly superior and inspired me to make butter my unofficial middle name – is how much zing it has in comparison to regular mashed potatoes. The scallions add crunch and brightness without overwhelming the rest of the dish, and the kale adds a little bitterness and beautiful, deep green color. Colcannon almost reads as a main dish rather than a side; I’d say it’s much more independent than your average potato on the Potato Independence scale. Before serving it, don’t forget LOTS of freshly ground black pepper and even more butter on top! If you like mashed potatoes, you’re going to LOVE colcannon!

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