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Garlic Knots with Marinara Sauce

Garlic Knots with Marinara Sauce

Back when I was in high school, my cafeteria had really, really, REALLY good garlic knots. I’m talking the-best-I’ve-ever-had-insanely-good-how-are-these-from-a-school-cafeteria?? good garlic knots. The chefs at school did an incredible job of getting a perfect soft but chewy texture, and tons of intense garlicky flavor. I was friends with the chefs, so I asked them about their method, and lucky for me, they shared all of their secrets! The dough is a fairly standard pizza dough, but the garlic-infused oil, how and when it gets brushed into the knots, and the pure, simple, delicious tomato dipping sauce make these the best of the best in the garlic knot department. Good luck holding yourself back from eating them all!

1. Bread Flour

Bread flour is super important in this recipe because it is a high-gluten flour, and the additional gluten is what gives this kind of bread it’s chewy texture.

2. My Tomato Sauce Secret

I always add a little bit of honey to my tomato sauce! It cuts and balances the acid of the tomatoes perfectly, and it dissolves more easily into the sauce that granulated white sugar.

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3. Knotting Process

Tying dough in a knot may seem intimidating, but if you’ve ever played with play dough and/or tied your shoes, you’ve got this! Simply roll your dough ball into a 6 inch log, then cross the ends and push one end through the loop, just like you’re starting to tie your shoes. That’s it, you’re done!