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Indian Inspired Breakfast Burrito

Indian Inspired Breakfast Burrito

Anyone who knows me knows I have a DEEP and abiding love of Indian food. I have it 2-4 times per week, I think about it, dream about it, and love to make it at home. One of my favorite things to do is to go out to an Indian restaurant for dinner, take home leftovers, and then eat them for breakfast. What can I say? I’m just an Indian Breakfast Dude. I realized this meant I should make my love for Indian breakfast more official, and thus, my Indian Breakfast Burrito was born

This recipe combines many of my favorite elements of Indian cuisine into one, big burrito, and was heavily inspired by paneer kathi rolls. Instead of the tortilla, I did a homemade roti, then in place of salsa, I have mint chutney, and finally I took regular hash browns and spiced them up with chaat masala! The chili paneer is the star of the show, of course, and is packed with flavor from red pepper, green chilis, and kashmiri chili powder. I couldn’t leave the scrambled eggs untouched, so they’re mixed with toasted cumin seeds, too. The final layers of flavor are thinly sliced red onion and fresh cilantro, and when I tell you this is INDESCRIBABLY GOOD, I mean it! I think I ate 3 by myself. This recipe is perfect for a slow Sunday morning, or if you’re me, any meal, any day of the year!

Note: this recipe yields 6 large roti, but the fillings will make 4 burritos. I included this margin of error in case you have a roti or two that tear, but if all 6 come out well, keep them in an airtight bag to eat within a couple of days, or in the freezer for a couple of months!

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