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Death by Chocolate Tart

Death by Chocolate Tart

It’s February 11th which means Valentine’s Weekend is here and love is in the air! Or maybe you’re like me, and it is not in the air, but we’ll be optimistic and say it is somewhere in the future air! No matter where your airborne love is this Valentine’s Day, I have the perfect, decadent recipe for you: 5 Layer Death By Chocolate Tart! As someone who has never celebrated this holiday, never had a Valentine, and has always been very single, I’ve always seen Valentine’s Day as a good reason to eat an obscene amount of chocolate. This recipe is basically the most efficient AND delicious way to do just that! The 5 layers are perfect in combination: 1. Slightly salty, dark chocolate crust 2. Rich, fudgy, semi-sweet ganache 3. Light, airy milk chocolate mousse 4. Super sweet white chocolate glaze and 5. Boujee shavings of ruby chocolate over top. The final layers are white and pink in honor of the holiday, and when you taste all 5 layers in one heavenly bite, you won’t care about your relationship status, no matter what it is!

1. Elements are super make-ahead friendly

The only part of this tart that bakes is the crust, so every other layer is a mix-and-chill method! That means that while you do need a lot of fridge time to set the layers, it is very make ahead friendly. I like to make the first three layers a day or two before, then glaze and garnish the tart the day-of!

2. No Springform Pan? No Prob!

This tart is THICC so the full recipe requires the height of a springform pan. If you still want to make it, but don’t have one, you can simply halve all of the layers and make it in a deep dish pie pan.

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3. Chocolate Quality Matters

Since this recipe is really just chocolate in 5 different forms, the quality of the chocolate makes a huge difference here. If you can spring for something higher quality, this is the time to do it!

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