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Peach & Cherry Cobbler

Peach & Cherry Cobbler

Cobbler is amazing for so many reasons, but my personal favorite one when it comes to this recipe is that it is really just a combination of two of my favorite things: pie and biscuits! The peach and cherry filling takes advantage of summer fruit at its peak, and it gets cooked down into thick, syrupy decadence with just a hint of almond extract to help the cherries really shine. All of this is topped with a moist, slightly sweet drop biscuit that’s almost like a shortcake; it soaks up the fruit juices like a sponge, while the top gets a hit of sweetness and texture from a sprinkling of turbinado sugar. Best of all, this peach and cherry cobbler couldn’t be easier to make, and yet it’s so impressive when it comes out of the oven! When you get a bite with a little bit of each ingredient, the combination of flavors and textures is mouth-watering, with super soft peaches, slightly tart cherries, a tender biscuit, and that almond extract, which will make you reach for seconds!

1. What’s a Drop Biscuit?

A drop biscuit is literally just a biscuit with more liquid added, so that it becomes a wetter dough that you can “drop” – hence the name –  from a spoon, rather than cut into biscuits.

2. Fruit Swap!

There aren’t many berries or stone fruits that don’t make excellent cobblers, so whether you have fresh or frozen, you can use absolutely any fruit you want in this recipe!

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3. Flavor Options

Cherry and almond are an absolutely classic pairing, but other extracts or spices would be delicious with other fruits. Vanilla is a classic for any filling, bourbon would be delicious with mixed berries, and cinnamon would be perfect for an all-peach cobbler!