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Triple Coconut Refresher

Triple Coconut Refresher

This drink is a direct result of an incredibly fun trip I took to Puerto Rico. I tried a huge variety of delicious tropical drinks while on the island, but my absolute favorite was any drink with coconut in it. (Hardly a surprise since the national drink of Puerto Rico is the Pina Colada!) I decided the best way to make a coconut drink was to go ahead and triple the types of coconut in the recipe. Each ingredient adds a different but essential component to the drink; the coconut cream adds richness and body, the coconut water is super refreshing and hydrating, and the coconut milk helps to bring the two other types together into one homogenous mixture. The fresh lime juice is the perfect compliment because the acidic tang cuts through all the natural fats of the coconut, and the brown sugar syrup adds a richly sweet, herbal note and tiny bit of color. The result is a drink that is both insanely tasty and refreshing on the hottest summer day. You’ll want to bookmark this one for your next beach, lake, or pool day!

1. Brown Sugar Mint Syrup

Your classic simple syrup is sugar dissolved into an equal amount of water. This syrup kicks that up a few notches with brown sugar for that subtly bitter, molasses flavor and fresh mint, which always pairs well with sweet flavors and adds bright green color, too.

2. Mix Well!

The different types of coconut in this recipe tend to get a little competitive, by which I mean, they don’t always want to mix together fully. I recommend whisking the mixture vigorously, or using a high speed blender for the best result. The good news is that it will taste incredible no matter how it looks!

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3. Coconut Facts

I call this a refresher because of how cooling and delicious it is, especially on a hot day, but this drink is also scientifically hydrating since coconut contains natural electrolytes!