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Butter Paneer

Butter Paneer

After hundreds of requests, it is time I share with you my recipe for Paneer Makhani, AKA Butter Paneer! First off, let’s talk about the Paneer. Paneer is an Indian cheese made by adding acid into boiling milk to separate the curds from the whey. I have a great recipe for it that you can find by clicking here. What is incredible about Paneer is that it doesn’t melt. This allows you to fry it to get crispy edges while maintaining the shape of the cheese.

Paneer is perfect for thick gravy, like a traditional Makhani, which consists of a buttery tomato and onion based sauce. It is jam-packed with layers of spices for a beautiful melody of flavors when scooping it up with some garlic naan or roti and take a bite. Though it may be intimidating with all the ingredients, the final dish is totally worth the effort!

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