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Mexican Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Mexican Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Today, I think I have found one of my new favorite cookies of all time, Mexican Chocolate Crinkle Cookies. This classic cookie with inspiration from Mexican flavors has all the things you need for a great cookie and more. Just like any great cookie, it has a chewy center and a slightly crunchy exterior.

While it may look like your typical Chocolate Crinkle Cookie what makes this cookie unique is its flavor. This cookie has a deep chocolate flavor that pairs so well with the earthy cinnamon that I added, inspired by the hints of cinnamon in Mexican Chocolate. Finally, the cookie has hints of smokey and spicy notes from the chipotle power that makes for the perfect bite!

I really love the flavor combination of chocolate with cinnamon and a little bit of chipotle powder. I encourage you to add cinnamon and chipotle powder into all your favorite chocolate desserts for a quicker flavor. Also, I hope you enjoy making and eating these cookies as much as I did. They are the perfect after school snack!

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