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Green and White Nachos

Green and White Nachos

We take nachos VERY seriously at, and this version had the whole crew fighting for the last chip! For this particular recipe, I decided to choose a specific color palate to help guide my flavors, and I was not at all disappointed by the results. In my opinion, nachos tend to be all over the place in both color and texture; if you google image “nachos,” almost every single picture looks exactly the same, with the same mix of ingredients.

My white and green nachos are not only different from the typical spread and beautiful, they are absolutely insanely delicious. Let’s talk through the layers! Instead of pre-shredded store bought cheese, I went with a homemade white queso, that’s packed with flavor from serranos and jack cheese. Next, rather than tomato salsa or pico de gallo, I whipped up a smooth, smoky salsa verde. The last main component are the crispy fried white beans, which add heft and texture to these nachos without overpowering the other bold flavors. Finally, to top off all the white and green deliciousness, I chose fresh cilantro for brightness, avocado for even more richness, fresh serranos for added spice, and sour cream for tang. Every single chip you choose will have a different combination of toppings, and yet, every single bite is better than the one before. These have to be the appetizer at your next get together!

1. Cheese Matters

As always, this is your reminder to grate your own cheese, AND to make sure you’re choosing a good melting cheese when making queso. I chose American here for its melting power, and jack for its flavor and creamy texture.

2. Pick Your Own Colors!

It was so fun to develop a recipe based on color, and there’s no reason you couldn’t mix up the colors here depending on what you have in your fridge. I think Red and Green nachos would make for a delicious list of toppings!

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3. Nacho Layers

The fatal mistake that many people make when building nachos is to not add the toppings in LAYERS with the chips. Don’t mound all your chips first, and then put all the toppings over them or you’ll be left with sad, cold, topping-less chips at the end. Adding layers of chips and toppings is the key to exceptional nachos!