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Grilled Lamb Kebabs

Grilled Lamb Kebabs

These lamb kebabs are inspired by the flavors of my favorite Middle Eastern kebab of all time: kofta kebabs! I love using ground lamb here, and it has such a rich, slightly gamey flavor that pairs beautifully with the bright fresh herbs and warming spices in my recipe. This mixture, along with plenty of onion and garlic, get formed into the classic kebab shape and grilled to perfection, resulting in a juicy, flavor-packed kebab. I finish mine off with a spicy pomegranate molasses glaze for that lick-your-lips sweetness and to balance out the deeply savory, herby meat.

Finally, for serving, I add a simple tomato salad and a zesty yogurt sauce for a cooling creamy note. Add some fresh pita, and you had a meal as perfect for weeknight dinner as it is for a crowd!

1. Kofta Inspiration

Kofta kebabs usually contain ground meat, herbs, and lots of warming spices. I keep my spices more simple here, which is why I say these are inspired by kofta!

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2. What if I don’t like lamb?

Good news! This recipe will work perfectly with any ground protein of your choice!

3. Flat vs. Round Skewers

I HIGHLY recommend using a flat skewer when making kebabs from ground protein; it will hold and turn the kebab much better than a round one will!