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Fully Loaded Summer Hummus

Fully Loaded Summer Hummus

I’m making this beautiful Fully Loaded Summer Hummus recipe on my brand new show “Eitan’s Outdoor Summer Cookout” premiering today on my YouTube channel! In today’s episode I showed you the secret to the creamiest hummus EVER, topped it with some fresh produce, and served it up with crispy za’atar pita chips. The not-so-secret secret to creamy hummus is removing the skin from the outside of the chickpeas. The extra five minutes to remove the skin is totally worth the effort! It results in a really creamy hummus that is so delicious.



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Stay tuned for new episodes of “Eitan’s Outdoor Summer Cookout” featuring new guests every Monday this summer! It’s a whole new show with a new kitchen, format, and style! I know you guys are going to love it! Happy Summer!

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