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BBQ Pastrami Grilled Pizza

BBQ Pastrami Grilled Pizza

This recipe is inspired by TWO pizzas from two great moms: one is my own and the other is my friend, Natan’s. I love this recipe because it’s super easy to make, and it’s an unusual way to showcase the incredible flavors of pastrami and beef bacon. This is also another one that’s great for entertaining, because most of the ingredients are store bought, so all you’re doing the day of your party is grilling them off and assembling. Both my mom and Natan’s mom regularly make meat pizza’s when we are at each other’s houses and this recipe is inspired by the two!

All of the meats and the sweet honey BBQ sauce melt together in no time, the crust gets nice char and smoky flavor from the grill, and then all it needs is a sprinkling of fresh, peppery arugula to round out all the savory flavors below. I love this dish best as an appetizer because it’s nice and filling, and you can cut it down to any size based on the menu you have planned!

1. Salad on pizza?

Arugula actually makes for a great pizza topping! It’s fresh and peppery, and brings nice crunch and beautiful green color to an otherwise very brown and tan dish. Definitely don’t skip it!

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