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All American Smash Burger

All American Smash Burger

It is officially summer which means all I want to do is cook outside for my friends! I love making burgers for a crowd, but it’s always a bit challenging to get the timing right, and to make sure each guest’s burger is cooked the way they want. Luckily, the smash burger method solves all of these problems at once! The meat (I use plant-based) is smashed into super thin patties before it’s placed on a ripping hot grill pan or cast iron skillet.

The burgers cook up in just a few minutes since they’re so thin, and I like to stack American cheese between my patties right on the grill so that everything melts together before they hit the bun. The garnishes are simple, but they really make a difference, and you CAN’T skip the burger sauce! Make sure you’ve got lots of napkins handy before you dig in, and prepare for everyone at your party to ask for seconds.

1. Why is the burger smashed?

For a few very good reasons! 1. The patties get an incredible sear and crust (which means more flavor!), and the thin, lacey edges get extra crispy for a little bit of crunch and texture. 2.The burgers cook so quickly, so they’re great for entertaining! 3. The thinner patty makes it easy to layer, so you can serve up double or even triple burgers that won’t fall apart.

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2. Garnishes

The potato bun is ideal here because it’s very soft and squishy, so it acts like a sponge for all the burger juices. Also, shredding the lettuce and mincing the onion is crucial to the eating experience because it means each bite has a little of each ingredient, and you’re not stuck with long pieces of stringy vegetable sliding off your burger before you can even finish eating it!

3. Burger Sauce

Also known as fry sauce or special sauce, it’s a super versatile and adaptable condiment that’s mostly made of other sauces. I definitely encourage you to play with the ratios of the different ingredients, maybe add diced pickles or jalapenos, and really have fun with it! Burger sauce is so easily customizable, and is great on sandwiches, or as a dip for fries or chicken tenders, too!