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Recreating Salt Bae’s $1000 Gold Cowboy Steak

Recreating Salt Bae’s $1000 Gold Cowboy Steak

OH SNAP! We hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube last week, and I could not be more excited! You’ve probably noticed that I took a YouTube break the last few weeks, but now I’M BACK and better than ever! 2021 is the Year of YouTube for me! I’ll be posting twice every week. Sundays will be all things food and cooking, and Thursdays will be vlogs and lifestyle videos, but of course, with plenty of food mixed in, too. I can’t wait to share even more about my life and some of the things I’ve been working on!

After I reached the 100,000 subscriber milestone, I knew there was no better way to celebrate than with some extravagant, excessive Salt Bae action 😉 If you haven’t seen the 24K gold-crusted steak at Salt Bae’s restaurant, look no further, because I’ve recreated it to perfection!

First, I had to break out my favorite, bought-at-a-significant-discount, (#BoujeeOnABudgetForLife) Gucci sweater for the occasion. Then, I took the biggest, baddest steak I could find and used the reverse-searing method for this 2 pound monster. The steak gets roasted in a 300 degree oven until it reaches an internal temperature of 125 degrees fahrenheit, and then it’s very quickly seared off in a cast iron pan for a perfect, golden crust and medium-rare interior. And when I say golden, I mean, the entire steak gets coated in 24K edible gold leaf. I got 99 problems, but where I need to put gold on my steak has just never been one of them until now.
This steak was completely over-the-top and also completely delicious. As always, watch the video for all the details, and find the full recipe below. Thank you again for 100,000, and stay tuned for all the new videos coming to my channel this year…BIG THINGS COMING FAM!