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El Completo Italiano

El Completo Italiano

I think I’ve pretty clearly established that I am not a hot dog person in the hamburger vs. hot dog battle, so when I do eat them, I want A LOT of stuff on them. This means the El Completo hot dog from Chile is perfect for me! Not only does it have one of my favorite foods on earth, avocado, it has my other absolute favorite traditional hot dog topping: sauerkraut. The El Completo is also a feast for the eyes because of all the beautiful colors, and it’s packed with flavor from a variety of toppings that result in a perfectly balanced bite. This hot dog will make you rethink how you should be topping your dogs this summer; there are so many options beyond ketchup and mustard!

1. El Completo

The name translates to the “complete” or “total,” and it’s in reference to the number of extra toppings on the hotdog.

2. Customize!

As always, these toppings, in amount and combination, are totally customizable to your liking and your palate. Add more or less of whatever you like! There are a lot of different versions of the El Completo in Chile, too, so what you see here is my personal favorite version.

3. Toppings Galore

The mix of toppings on the El Completo may seem atypical at first, but the flavors are actually in perfect balance on your palate. You have fatty avocado, tangy, fermented sauerkraut, a savory, salty hot dog, fresh, juicy tomatoes, rich kewpie mayo, and finally, hot sauce for spice and zing!

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