Eitan Eats: Ramen (ft. @ChefJoshR)

I have a confession to make… I’ve never had real ramen until just a few weeks ago! I’m not sure if that is confession worthy, but seriously I just tried Ramen with my friend Josh Reisner, aka the ramen master from Masterchef Junior! We filmed a video together that I just posted on my YouTube channel! You can click the video above to watch or head to YouTube.com/Eitan! While you’re they, be sure to hit that subscribe button!

Follow Josh at @ChefJoshR on Instagram.

After a quick photoshoot for Instagram on the streets of Manhattan, we headed into a restaurant called Boru Boru. We had so much fun trying all the food and recording the vlog! The food was seriously delicious and really unique. I will definitely be going back next time I am craving some ramen! I also had so much fun editing the video and am super happy with how it came out! Comment on the video when the first time you had ramen was!

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