The Teaneck Farmer’s Market

One of my favorite parts of Teaneck is the Farmer’s Market that happen every Thursday in the summer. They have a bunch of different vendors that come each week including several great booths that sells veggies and plants. I usually get some great plants for my garden from there. It is also a great place to get inspired to make a new vegetable side dish for Shabbat. This time we bought two heads of cauliflower, not pictured, that my mom covered in olive oil, turmeric, and other spices to make a roasted cauliflower Indian-type dish. Also, we got these beautiful green onions, pictured below, which we used already in the fish tacos we made for lunch afterwards.

My favorite party of going to the Farmer’s Market though is definitely getting a pickle on a stick from Picklelicious. Picklelicious is an awesome pickle store that is only a mile from my house that sells the best pickles ever along with olives and other fine foods! My personal favorite pickle flavor is their hot and spicy pickle. You all know I love my spicy food and I love a good pickle on hot and spicy pickle on a stick is a no-brainer for me.

I have memories from my elementary school days of going to their storefront with my family and getting pickles on a sticks with my brother, Yoni. The highlight of the trip for Yoni though was not the pickle on the stick.  Instead, he looked forward to sliding a quarter into the candy machine, turning the handle with both his chubby hands, and having a parade of pastel colored jelly beans drop into his cupped hands. I love the savory but Yoni definitely loves the sweet!! By the way, this is totally not sponsored. I just really love their pickles! You have got to check them out next time you come to Teaneck or go online and see if they are stationed at a Farmer’s Market near you.

Check out this picture of me eating my favorite hot and spicy pickle on a stick!  It was a great break from all my studying… now back to the books!

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