It’s time for Thanksgiving!

Hello and welcome to my first-ever solo Thanksgiving menu! Of course, I’ve contributed to friend or family Thanksgiving meals in the past, but I’ve never developed, tested, and released recipes for a full Thanksgiving spread of my own until this year. This menu is MY ultimate Thanksgiving, and I hope you’ll find a new recipe you love, whether it’s your 1st, 5th, or 30th time cooking for the holiday.

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Prep Schedule

Day 1

Monday Time to get started.

Grate Cheeses for Potatoes

Make Mulled “Wine”

Make Salad Dressing

Day 2

Tuesday The assembly begins.

Confit Vegetables

Make Duxelles

Make Cranberry Sauce

Make Green Peppercorn Gravy

Day 3

Wednesday Get ready for the big day.

Make Crostini

Make Stuffing

Toast Hazelnuts

Wash and Dry Kale

Day 4

Thursday Final preparation in full swing.

Heat Stuffing

Make Potatoes

Assemble Wellington

Bake Wellington

Make Baked Feta

Make Apple Butter Tarte Tatin

Assemble Salad

Get ready to take Thanksgiving to the next level.

My goal with this menu is to include a wide variety of recipes, in terms of flavor, as always, but also in terms of complexity. I have some tried and true classics all mixed together with new favorites and spins on traditional recipes. If this is your first time cooking for Thanksgiving, I want you to see that there are very approachable and doable recipes, like the Mulled “Wine” or the Ginger Cranberry Sauce. On the other hand, if it’s your millionth time, you’ll find more involved recipes, like the Vegetarian Wellington or the Pommes Aligot. Or, if you just want something classic, yet elevated with some simple updates, you’ll find the Better-Than-Stove-Top Stuffing or the Apple Butter Tarte Tatin. No matter what you’re searching for during Thanksgiving menu planning this year, I’m certain I’m bringing new and exciting recipes to your table!

Now, very few people make Thanksgiving all by themselves, and luckily, I didn’t have to do that either. My culinary producers, Rachel and Olivia, have years of experience planning and executing many Thanksgivings and large-scale meals, and so their help in developing this menu was critical. I wanted a balance between tried and true classics along with fun, updated options, and, as a team, I think you’ll find we’ve delivered just that. It was so exciting to work together to ensure I did my first Thanksgiving justice!

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