Our Team

With a footprint of over 3 billion annual views in 150 international markets, Eitan Productions stewards some of the internet’s largest food media brands.

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*Eitan Bernath*



Eitan Bernath is an award-winning chef, author, TV personality, entertainer, and social justice activist. The multihyphenate began his gilded entertainment career early, appearing as one of the youngest ever contestants on the Food Network’s Chopped at just 11 years old. Since then, Bernath’s social media presence has amassed over 8 million followers and 3 billion annual video views that reach more than 350 million consumers in 150 countries every year. He is the chief executive officer of Eitan Productions, the Principal Culinary Contributor for the Daytime Emmy® award-winning Drew Barrymore Show on CBS, and is a contributor to The Washington Post, Food & Wine, Saveur, and Delish.

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*Noah Schultz*



Noah Schultz is Chief of Staff at Eitan Productions, where he oversees all business affairs across the company globally. In his role, Noah plays a strategic role in operationalizing Eitan Productions’ capabilities, driving the company’s extensive resources across a slate of media ventures. He ensures the right capabilities, processes, and platforms exist so teams across Eitan Productions are well positioned for sustained growth, with responsibility across administration, finance, accounting, legal, public relations, human resources, real estate, production, marketing, and philanthropy.

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*Olivia Anderson*



Olivia Anderson is a Executive Culinary Producer at Eitan Productions, where she curates, develops, produces, and distributes influential food content for the companies media ventures and brand partnerships. In her capacity, Anderson is responsible for propelling the company’s culinary division into a premiere food content incubator, providing the full benefit of her vast experience in digital media in leading the studios culinary endeavors. Anderson’s work focuses on developing content distributed on direct-to-consumer, multi-platform experiences, including for social media, literary, live television, and media outlets.

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