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Spinach and Mushroom Strata

Spinach and Mushroom Strata

Strata is the incredible thing that happens when you cross a frittata and a bread pudding together into one, savory dish! My strata recipe has everything you could possibly want for breakfast: protein from the eggs, carbs from the bread, nutrient-rich spinach, mushrooms, and onions, and tons of umami and tang from Parmesan cheese and Dijon mustard! All of this bakes up into one delicious package, with slices that are eggy and custardy in the middle, yet crunchy and toasted on top. I highly recommend a few dashes of your favorite hot sauce for serving, because the acidity and spice balances out the rich flavors of the strata perfectly. If you need to entertain a bunch of people, especially in the morning, this dish will more than satisfy a crowd, especially in the cold winter months!

1. What is a Strata?

It’s an Italian casserole that’s made with eggs and bread, usually with vegetables and meat mixed in, so as long as you’re baking your eggs and your cubed bread, you’re making strata! 

2. Make Ahead

This dish is so incredibly make ahead friendly! You can mix everything together the night before, refrigerate it, and then bake it off in the morning, or you can make it the day before, and warm it in the oven, or even slices in the microwave, the next morning!

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3. Use Your Favorite Veggies!

This recipe will adapt to almost any mix of your favorite vegetables, meats, and cheeses. If you have leftover vegetables, or some that are languishing in your vegetable drawer, this recipe is the perfect way to make sure they don’t go to waste.

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