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Fried Chicken Sandwich with Hot Honey and Apple Cabbage Slaw

Fried Chicken Sandwich with Hot Honey and Apple Cabbage Slaw

Today we’re making a fried chicken sandwich with HOT honey and apple slaw! Maybe this isn’t the Rosh Hashanah recipe you expected, but it’s one I’m so excited to share with you and know you’re going to love. Since I developed recipes for Rosh Hashanah last year, I’ve expanded my team, and two of my Culinary Producers, Rachel Dolfi (@rachelanndolfi) and Olivia Anderson (@olivia_and), happen to be from nearby towns in North Carolina. It’s been so fun to have two southerners learning more about Jewish holidays and food traditions that they aren’t familiar with, and equally fun for me to learn about their southern food traditions, too. When we talked about a recipe for Rosh Hashanah this year, they came up with an idea to do this fried chicken sandwich, and incorporate the apples and honey in unconventional ways. Let me tell you, I now feel like I’ve learned how to make the BEST homemade fried chicken – read below for the secret to the best, crunchy coating! – and my team agreed that the addition of apple slaw and a hot honey drizzle make it one of the best fried chicken sandwiches they’ve ever had. Who knew that all the classic fried chicken sandwich needed was a JewishXSouthern collaboration?!

1. Hot Honey

This hot honey really packs a punch, but of course you can dial the volume of peppers back to your spice preference. If you use all the peppers in the recipe, make sure your kitchen is well-ventilated during the cooking process!

2. Slaw & Food Waste

Slaw is a great way to use up extra veggies that may otherwise go bad in your kitchen. I think the apples and celery are a must here, but have fun mixing up the veggies in this slaw otherwise!

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3. The Secret to Crispy Skin

It’s all in the coating! This flour starts out HEAVILY seasoning for tons of flavor, then buttermilk (I used non-dairy) is dripped into the flour until it’s slightly clumpy and craggy, before the chicken goes back in for a second coating. The wet, seasoning flour sticks to the chicken, and those bits get the crispiest and crunchiest when they’re deep fried!

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