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Berry Stuffed French Toast

Berry Stuffed French Toast

YES, this breakfast is actually as delicious as it looks! When I started developing this recipe, I knew I wanted to create a SUPER over-the-top, decadent, stuffed french toast, and I’m confident I did just that. Of course, I started with the best bread on earth for french toast: classic Jewish challah. I then went with a bit of a thicker vanilla custard for dipping, so that it didn’t make the bread too soggy. Because this is a stuffed french toast, it’s critically important that it holds its shape while cooking. Then, the real star of the show: the mixed berry mascarpone filling! If you’ve never had mascarpone, think of it as Italian cream cheese, but richer and slightly milder in flavor. It gets fresh berries and jam folded into it, so that you have chunks of whole fruit in each bite, and a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors. You can top your slice however you’d like, but might I recommend maple syrup and a generous shower of powdered sugar!

1. Challah Substitute

Truthfully, in my heart, there is no substitute for challah when making french toast, but if you just can’t find it, brioche or any other enriched bread will be delicious too!

2. Make the Fillings Your Own! 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can stuff your french toast with, so don’t be afraid to mix up the filling! Some of the ones I want to try are chocolate chips and nutella or PB&J. No matter what kind of filling you choose, just be sure to follow my chilling technique to make sure the filling doesn’t end up in the pan instead of in the french toast.

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3. Chilling Technique

It’s essential to chill your filling before cooking your french toast! This ensures that the mascarpone and berries stay relatively firm and thus inside the challah while the outside gets griddled to golden brown perfection.

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