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Summer Squash White Pizza

Summer Squash White Pizza

I absolutely love pizza (who doesn’t?!), but I especially love white pizza. It is the most elite of all the pizzas out there and you can’t convince me otherwise! While I do love a good red sauce slice, having no tomato sauce to rely on means all other components need to be flavor packed. The result is a uniquely delicious slice!

Pizza also happens to be one of my favorite vehicles for eating vegetables, and one of the most delicious combinations during summertime is a summer squash pizza. It’s a great way to sneak in your veggies, and a fun way to expand beyond the usual pizza vegetable toppings, like onions, peppers, or mushrooms. My recipe combines a homemade thin crust that rises slowly so that it’s packed with flavor, a squash-infused double cream, tons of melty fontina cheese, and thin ribbons of green zucchini and yellow squash into pizza perfection. This pie bakes on a sheet tray, so it’s BIG and perfect for entertaining. Take advantage of all the summer squash while it’s in season and get this pie in your oven ASAP!

1. Preheat the Pan!

An easy but SUPER important step in this recipe is to preheat your sheet pan before you put your crust on it. The double cream is extremely rich, so getting a nice crust to form is a must in order to balance out all the decadent toppings!

2. Squash Ribbons?

It’s essential to use extremely thin slices of squash on this pizza so that they cook properly during the time in the oven, and so that they don’t release too much moisture down onto the crust and make it soggy. I like to use a mandolin, or even a sharp vegetable peeler to get nice, thin ribbons.

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3. Infused Double Cream

I hate when a recipe doesn’t use all of an ingredient, and so one of the best things about this pizza is that all of the leftover squash that can’t be sliced into ribbons gets used in the double cream that serves as the pizza sauce! It not only eliminates food waste, but it also infuses the sauce with incredible, yet subtle, squash flavor.

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