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Strawberry Sumac Cheesecake Galette

Strawberry Sumac Cheesecake Galette

NEWS FLASH: If you love pie, you’re gonna LOVE galettes! A galette is literally just a casual pie, with all the same ingredients, but no pan required and a shorter baking time. This summery strawberry version starts off with a delicious dough that’s packed with tons of cold butter for an extra flaky, tender crust. I wanted to mix things up from the usual just-fruit filling, so I included another delicious dessert with the addition of sumac cheesecake beneath the fresh berries.

This layer brings rich creaminess from the cheesecake and perfect tang from the sumac. It also helps the galette bake better, because it keeps the strawberries from leaking down into the crust and making it soggy, and it serves as an ideal base for you to nestle the strawberries in a beautiful, summer potluck-worthy design. I top the whole thing off with even more sumac and sugar for a final burst of flavor and texture before it bakes. This galette is absolutely delicious and easIER than pie!

1. What’s sumac?

Sumac is actually the dried and ground berry of the sumac plant. Its flavor is bright and tangy, not unlike lemon juice, and it has a vibrant, deep red color. A different species of sumac is actually poisonous, but don’t worry, its berries are white, so it’s easy to see the difference!

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2. Mix up the berries!

I chose strawberries since they’re in season during the summer, but you could use almost any berry you like here! Baking is one of the best ways to use up fruit that’s a little overripe, so if you have raspberries or blueberries languishing in your fridge, swap them for the strawberries in the recipe.

3. Galette vs. Pie

A galette is just a casual, rustic version of a pie; all the same ingredients, but a galette needs no pie pan and is shaped free form. Shaping the dough may seem hard, but as long as you keep it nice and cold, it’ll fold without issue. If you notice your dough getting sticky or hard to work with at any stage, place it in the freezer for 10 minutes to let the butter chill again, then pick up right where you left off!

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