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Big Crumb Rhubarb Cardamom Snack Cake

Big Crumb Rhubarb Cardamom Snack Cake

Controversially, I am not the biggest fan of cake, BUT, my favorite type of cake is a crumb cake, and more specifically, one with a lot of crumb. A 1:1 crumb to cake ratio is ideal! We’re talking about some serious BCE (Big Crumb Energy)! This cake is a great way to use rhubarb in the spring; it’s tangy and a little bitter, so the brown sugar crumbs balance it out perfectly. Rhubarb can still be elusive, even when it’s in season, so if you can’t find it, you can sub in any other tart fruit (think sour cherries or raspberries) or a sweet fruit and halve the sugar they’re tossed in (think strawberries or blueberries). The cardamom and cinnamon balance out all the sweetness and tang beautifully. I love a slice of this in the morning for breakfast, or when that midafternoon snack craving strikes!

1. What’s Rhubarb?

Rhubarb is considered both a fruit and a vegetable. Botanically, a fruit contains seeds and vegetables consist of leaves, stalks, and roots. That definitely makes rhubarb a vegetable, but the U.S. Customs Court legally classified rhubarb as a fruit in 1947.

2. Make Ahead

Yes! Crumb cakes arguably taste better a day or two after you bake it. Store it loosely wrapped in foil on the counter for up to a week, or ziploc and freeze for 2 or 3 months!

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3. Reverse Creaming

Most cakes ask you to cream room temperature butter and sugars together before adding other ingredients. Reverse creaming asks you to cream room temperature butter into flour before adding other ingredients. This coats the dry ingredients in fat, and gives the cake a slightly denser, more even crumb (exactly what you want to stand up to the rhubarb and thick crumb layer!). 

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